Solaria is where the more “civilized” societies reign. While there are still monsters, dungeons, and adventures to be had, this side of the planet is generally known to be more, … well … socially acceptable. There are nobles, upper class, middle class, and yes, peasants.

Solaria is home to all of the biggest cities and merchants. There is a feeling here that government is both involved in making things better and that parties and celebrations or social events are both acceptable and encouraged.

Fullhold is the largest city on Galadria. It consists of multiple tiers, each with its own means of defense and all patrolled by the Dragon Knights. Dragon Knights are not all paladins or fighters, they can be of many different professions. The Dragon Knights are tasked with upholding the peace, protecting the general public and serving the greater good.While many of them are sent out as law enforcement, others patrol taking note of conditions, offering healing, moral, or care needed to improve the general well being of the public. Still others are tasked with expanding the boundaries of the Provence, and still others are hired explorers and adventurers. Most of these last types are dealt with on a more freelance basis and not so much a full blooded part of the Dragon Knight corps. The Dragon Knights are also on call for the kings army should ever the need to defend the realm be deemed necessary by the king and or his court.

The lands are still filled with dangers and threats. there are many evils and various runes to be discovered, explored and rooted out. And everything here operates as one would expect.

Known world;
Fullhold = Is the largest city on Galadria and home to one of the main kings. There are six total recognized kings on Solaria.
Krendor College = The most prestigious institution on Galadria for learning spell craft or magics of any kind. It’s doors are always open to seekers of knowledge regarding the arcane arts, but many parts of the college are only open to alumni and those with enough coin or influence to get in.


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