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There are two ways to get a character in this game. The first is easy, I have several NPC-PC’s written up in a folder with no name, description, or gender that you can grab read and jump right in. The second is for the more experienced players who may want to add a more personal touch to their characters and want to write up their own.

You can buy the Players Handbook here or you can download the free basic PDF D&D 5ed rules here.

The full Players handbook has a more expansive list of both races and classes available, and of course better spell lists and rule explanations, but for those who just want a basic character that they wrote up to bring to the table, the free PDF works fine.

How to write up a Galadrian character;

The rules are simple, any race or class listed in the new D&D 5E players handbook is available.

The stats are rolled as follows:
4D6 drop the low one
Roll 7 stats and drop the low one
Roll two sets of stats and drop the low one.

So 4D6 you roll a 6, 2, 4, & a 5, you would ignore the 2 and add the other three together, so 6+4+5=15 for the stat. Write it down on a scratch sheet of paper with two rows of 7 stats.

So your stats might look like this;
15 ….12
12 … 13
13 … 13
11 … 11
16 … 10
12 … 9
10 … 15

So you would take the first row of stats and drop the 10, then you can place the stat’s in which ever attribute you want. Obviously be mindful of the racial adjustments your going to get as well. You would ignore or throw out the second row all together. (I will be shooting a short video showing how this works and will link to it here soon.)

Now if you have a concept for your character that you want to weaken or lower a stat or two in the interest of roll play, that is fine with me as the DM (Go for it). However if you have a bad go with the dice and end up with stats that don’t fit the character at all because they are to low, contact me before you re-roll things. I may be willing to work with you to help form the character you are seeing in your mind for the game if it’s not to unbalanced for the table/group.

If you are rolling up your own character, I will need to have a copy of the completed character emailed or sent to me one week before the game so I might look it over and add your characters background and story points into the world you are helping me build. I may also offer a few suggestions for the character depending on things my other team of players has already added to the realm.

As a final note, you the players will be responsible for telling how you know one another before we start the first session. Be thinking about how you might have run into or worked with the other characters. I am looking forward to a creative and fun game with you all.

Main Page

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