This side of Galadria is populated by only the hardiest of folk. Calling it what it is, is to say a waste land, barely held together by a splintered and roughshod group of wondering rangers and vagabonds. There is leadership here, but they hold their titles in trembling hands, things change rapidly in a land of chaos and state of constant change.

The lands are filled with scattered active and inactive volcanoes. When the seasons here change you can oft times count on drifting flurries of ash falling from the sky. The mountains are usually rough hewn jagged spires of various types of volcanic rock. Quakes and eruptions change many parts of the land faster than maps can be made. Many who live here make their livings through barter and trade. Nomadic tribes and tent cities are found, and then the next day are sometimes gone.

There are a few standing towns that have been able to weather the harshness of Renglave. One of the longer surviving cities here is called Phoenix Gulch in the Ashmoore Provence. Here dwarven stone masons were able to build a city atop the usually continuous lava river flow that created the gulch. Phoenix Gulch has been toppled many times in the past, but its Baron has each time been there to help the populace rebuild and continue with their chosen lives. Phoenix Gulch boasts many of the worlds finest blacksmiths, most working with magma forges to create weapons, armor, and metal crafts of the finest quality and workmanship anywhere. They’ll cost ya’, but you’ll never be happier with another once you’ve owned and used something forged from Phoenix Gulch magma forges.

Known world;
Phoenix Gulch = Mostly dwarven city of craftsmen and warriors. The Magma Forges are found here running constantly through the season of flow. When the volcano is at rest, the forges cool and must be stoked by regular means. Thus seasonal creations pull the higher coin.
Boiling Blood Champions = A nomadic ludus. This group of roving barbarian gladiators can be found popping up all over Renglave. They set up four bonfires to attract interested parties to come and watch (or participate in) the fights. For the right price a very serious show-party can be had.


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